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Five Essential Pro-Life Principles for Healthcare Reform

  1. Healthcare reform laws must expressly prohibit funding for abortion and for insurance coverage for abortion, and must not undermine any existing federal or state restrictions on abortion funding or coverage.
  2. Healthcare reform laws must not contain provisions that mandate or encourage the withholding, withdrawal or curtailment of effective life-sustaining treatment to the elderly, terminally ill, chronically ill, the disabled, or other vulnerable persons.
  3. Healthcare reform laws must not mandate insurance coverage for abortions, abortion-inducing drugs/devices, or other drugs/devices that can end life.
  4. Federal healthcare reform laws must not place restrictions on states’ ability to enact and enforce legislation that protects and affirms life. For example, states must be permitted to choose which providers and plans to work with and to determine how money will be spent and who is eligible for funds in their state.
  5. Healthcare reform laws must provide broad protection for the freedom of conscience for individuals, entities, and associations. No person, employer, healthcare provider, or insurer should be compelled to act contrary to his, her, or its conscience in the payment for, provision of, or performance of health care.

Four Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider About Abortion Coverage

  1. Are there any circumstances under which my insurance plan covers surgical or chemical abortion? [If yes, continue with questions below.]
  2. What are the circumstances under which abortion is covered, and how are those circumstances verified?
  3. Can I modify my plan so that my plan and my premiums do not cover abortion?
  4. Do you provide plans that are similar to mine, but that do not cover abortion?

Form Letters

Use one of the form letters below to enquire with your Health Insurance Provider as to whether or not your insurance plan covers surgical or chemical abortions.