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Climate Change Convention Raises Concern that Green-friendly will be Hostile to Life

World leaders convening in Copenhagen for a United Nations Convention on Climate Change are considering a proposed multilateral treaty that mandates lower greenhouse gas emissions and shared clean energy technology. Few Americans who support these broad objectives know what the treaty actually says or what its impact might be. Even fewer recognize the unarticulated agenda of some treaty supporters to expand abortion and other pro-death practices under the guise of green-friendly international law.

Some climate change activists, including backers of this treaty, view human beings themselves, not just human behaviors, as threats to the environment. The U.N. Population Fund’s 2009 Report states: “No human is genuinely carbon neutral, especially when all greenhouse gases are figured into the equation. Therefore, everyone is part of the problem, so everyone must be part of the solution.”

An increasing number of recent studies urge population control to combat climate change. As one report concludes, “A person’s reproductive choices must be considered along with [their] day to day activities when assessing [their] ultimate impact on the global environment.” Another study finds the cost of contraception nearly five times cheaper than “conventional” green technologies. Likewise, abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide could be viewed as inexpensive “solutions” to climate change.

And with the scope of power this treaty grants its governing body, there will be no recourse to stop the spread of anti-life practices on an unprecedented global level.

In the language of the current draft, “new levels of cooperation” among nations will be created to “broaden the legal commitments” to its provisions. One provision establishes a “new institutional arrangement under the Convention,” identified as a “government.” This institution will possess unprecedented global powers to affect the domestic affairs of party nations.

The proposed treaty threatens the sovereignty of the United States, our national economic well-being, and the protection of human life itself.