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As Adult Stem Cell Research Continues to Produce Treatments, the Obama Administration Advances an Agenda, Not Cures

It’s been a busy week.  As Denise Burke wrote yesterday, President Obama announced the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, a commission likely to be comprised of people who think just like he does on the issues.  The administration also explicitly authorized the use of taxpayer dollars for destructive embryo research.  Of course, the administration continues to ignore the proven worth of adult stem cells.

Just this week, a new study revealed that adult stem cells can be used to repair hearts damaged by heart attack.  Previous treatments were only able to increase blood flow, not actually repair damage.  And unlike destructive embryo research, this procedure using adult stem cells is likely to be in general use within five years.

As the Miami Herald reported:

Researchers say it’s the strongest evidence so far that adult stem cells can actually differentiate, or turn into heart cells to repair damage. Until now, some researchers had believed that only controversial embryonic stem cells could differentiate into heart or other organ cells. The study suggests that adult stem cells — derived from bone marrow — are more flexible than previously thought.

“This is an exciting first step in a direction many thought cell therapy couldn’t go,” said Dr. Robert Simari, a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester who was not involved in the trial. “It has demonstrated safety and good changes.”

So once again, adult stem cell research is producing cures.  And once again, adult stem cell research has been shown to have the potential to differentiate into other cells””an ability that embryonic stem cells were once thought to hold the monopoly.  And once again, the Obama administration is failing to support such research, choosing instead to advance research that has helped not a single patient.

And once again, it is blatantly clear that this administration is advancing an agenda – supporting the destruction of life for no purpose – and choosing not to support treatments that will cure.

The Miami Herald article can be found here.