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AUL Criticizes the Harmful Authorization of Federally Funded Research on Human Embryonic Stem Cells

The Obama administration today approved the first human embryonic stem cells for experiments by federally funded scientists under a new policy designed to dramatically expand embryonic stem cell research. 

Americans United for Life President and CEO Charmaine Yoest said, “Despite years of research, human embryonic stem cells have yet to be used in real therapies for patients.  On the other hand, adult stem cell research– ignored by the Obama administration– has proven effective and is already being used to treat over 70 different diseases and conditions.  The NIH’s authorization to use human embryonic stem cells expands the destruction of lives at the earliest stage of development and continues the Administration’s practice of ignoring ethical research that is already saving the lives of Americans.”

For additional background, please see http://action.aul.org/escr