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Video: Sen. Stabenow Misleads about Abortion Funding on Fox News Sunday

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) said on Fox News Sunday that the U.S. House bill containing the pro-life Stupak Amendment changes long-established law.  Sen. Stabenow is referring to the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits Medicaid from funding abortions, and is a provision that Americans United for Life successfully defended before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1980.

The “settled policy” is that the American public does not want federal funds paying for abortions or for insurance plans that cover abortions; however, in the current U.S. Senate health bill, the abortion lobby has snuck in abortion funding and coverage through accounting schemes and deceptive word play under the guise of health care reform.  The reality is that under this new system of government control and subsidization of health care, these health care proposals create new federal programs not contemplated under the restrictions of the Hyde Amendment passed in 1976. The Stupak amendment is fully in keeping with the original parameters of Hyde, and applies Hyde’s principles to this new proposed health care system.

The Stupak amendment merely maintains the status quo of using no federal funds to finance abortion–which is in line with what nearly 61% of Americans want. Given the government’s encroachment into private sector health care in these health care reform bills, without the Stupak amendment, the federal government would be using federal funds to subsidize elective abortions in private health care, an unheard of and unprecedented expansion of abortion funding. The abortion lobby would love to be flush with cash from the U.S. Treasury to expand their abortion services, which is why they are vigorously fighting the Stupak Amendment and why Sen. Stabenow, a senator who has supported the interests of Planned Parenthood and NARAL 100% of the time and whose #1 campaign contributor is the abortion lobby, wants to stop the Stupak Amendment.

Unofficial Fox News Sunday transcript on Sunday, November 22, 2009:

CHRIS WALLACE: Senator Stabenow, one other issue on the healthcare debate that will become important is abortion. The senate bill allows people getting government subsidies or using the publicly funded insurance exchanges to buy abortions using their own money.  The senate bill does but that goes far, it is too permissive for a lot of moderates in the senate and dozens in the house. How do you resolve the abortion issue?

SEN. STABENOW: All agree that 30 years of settled law that says that federal funds should not be used to pay for abortions should remain intact and that is exactly what we did. Those of us on both sides of the issue have agreed, no federal funding and that is exactly what it does. The real issue as you said is whether or not a woman with her own money should be able to purchase insurance that covers her complete healthcare needs and so that is the question with your own money. Right now if I can go back to the fact that we have over almost 60% of the plans today don’t offer basic maternity care. We don’t see mammograms covered. And so women actually have more to gain with healthcare reform than men do because we pay about 50% more in premiums for the very same policies. This is what we are focused on: more coverage for women. Less costs for women. Not changing abortion policy.

CHRIS WALLACE: But there are as you know a lot of democrats who want to change abortion policy on this.

SEN. STABENOW: We agreed not to, though. That is very important.

CHRIS WALLACE: Chris: would you accept the Stupak Amendment that was passed in the house?

SEN. STABENOW: You’re right, the House did change 30 years of federal policy.

CHRIS WALLACE: and would you accept it?

SEN. STABENOW: NO. This is something I want to see changed because I don’t think we should change what we have been doing for 30 years and what happened in the House changes that.