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Senate Colloquy on abortion

Senators Hatch (UT), Brownback (KS), and Johanns (NB) are having an excellent colloquy on the Senate Floor right now.  They are discussing: the current status of federal law on abortion funding and coverage; why the Stupak-Pitts Amendment language is needed to preserve existing, established law; and why the Reid language is not sufficient.

They are answering the objections made against the Stupak-Pitts language.  They have clarified that women who want to purchase insurance that covers abortion may do that, as long as they use their own money.

Senator Hatch has also discussed the importance of conscience protection.  While the House bill included the Hyde-Weldon language that has been in existing law, the Senate bill does not have it.  The Senate language is grossly insufficient.

They are currently pointing out the broken promises made by President Obama and the proabortion members of Congressional leadership.