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U.S. Senate’s Confirmation of Judge Hamilton to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Promotes an Avowed Judicial Activist

Washington, DC – Today, in a vote of 59-39, the U.S. Senate confirmed pro-abortion federal judge David Hamilton as an appellate court judge.

Americans United for Life President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest said, “Americans United for Life believes that judges should uphold Constitutional restrictions on abortion. As a District Court judge, Hamilton promoted his radical pro-abortion agenda. His promotion to the Seventh Circuit will give him jurisdiction over court cases addressing life issues from Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin which is of serious concern to the pro-life community.”

For seven years, through a series of rulings in A Woman’s Choice v. Newman, 904 F. Supp. 1434 (S.D. Ind. 1995), he blocked the enforcement of Indiana’s informed consent law Public Law 187. Public Law 187 requires that women be given information about the procedure and other alternatives in person at least 18 hours before the abortion is performed. Reversing Judge Hamilton’s rulings, the Court of Appeals noted the law was “materially identical to a law held valid by the Supreme Court in Casey, by this court in Karlin, and by the Fifth Circuit in Barnes.” Judge Hamilton ignored clear precedent in favor of his own abortion agenda.

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