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Scoring Health Care Letter Goes to House Members

Today, at the same time that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was unveiling the new House health care reform bill, Americans United for Life’s legislative arm AUL Action sent a letter to members of the House of Representatives to express our deep concern over the life-related provisions in the bill.  Just as we expected, the “new” bill does not make the changes necessary to ensure that abortion coverage and funding is excluded from health care reform.

In our letter, we told Members of the House that if the Stupak-Pitts amendment to remove abortion funding is not given a vote under the Rule governing Floor debate on the House bill, AUL Action will oppose the Rule and record the roll call vote on the Rule in our annual scorecard.  Furthermore, if the final language of the bill does not adequately meet any of AUL Action’s concerns expressed in our letter, AUL Action will oppose final passage of the bill and will record the roll call vote on final passage in our annual scorecard as well.