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Obama Administration Web Site Seeks to Recruit Volunteers for Planned Parenthood

LifeNews reports that the Obama administration’s official volunteerism Web site, Serve.gov, encourages visitors to put in hours at Planned Parenthood.

Journalist Lisa Staub discovered the government site’s promotion of the abortion giant when she typed the keyword “health” and the city “Houston” into its search engine, which is intended to connect prospective volunteers with service organizations in their communities. Doing so “brought up Planned Parenthood’s need for volunteers to make sure women with abortion appointments are not harassed by the peaceful and prayerful people involved in the 40 Days for Life effort to help women,” LifeNews reports.

“Their job? Make sure pro-life protestors don’t speak or give any information to women seeking abortions at the clinic,” Stauber writes. …

Jill Stanek, a pro-life blogger, visited the site and also found a volunteer sign-up for Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin seeking help to promote abortion at the Madison Farmers Market and others.

“I’m sure I’d find more if I kept looking but you get the drift. You’re paying for Planned Parenthood to snag volunteers, sometimes to directly combat our pro-life efforts,” she complained.

Blogger Thomas Peters observes, “Let’s face it – the President supports the mission and organization of Planned Parenthood. That’s the unavoidable conclusion to his political background, promises — and now — presidential administration.”

TAKE ACTION: Visit RealHealthCareRespectsLife.com to learn how you can join the thousands of pro-lifers who are letting the White House and Congress know that Americans do not want their tax dollars to aid abortion providers.