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The Guttmacher Institute vs. the Facts

In today’s edition of Church Report, AUL Staff Counsel Anna Franzonello responds to a report by the pro-abortion Alan Guttmacher Institute that blames certain countries’ restrictive abortion laws for a high rate of deaths and complications from clandestine abortion in those countries.

The report’s conclusions are “ideologically driven by the Guttmacher Institute’s abortion-promoting agenda,” Franzonello writes. “Their own research contradicts the conclusion.”

Abortion advocates have long argued that legal abortion is safe abortion. However, there is abundant evidence … to show permitting the procedure by law has not resulted in making abortion safe. Abortions in sanctioned clinics produce the same horror stories of seriously injured women, unsterile conditions, and brutal treatment that we were assured would end when abortion was legalized. [Read the full article on Church Report‘s Web site.]