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‘Back to the Hill’ Health Care Campaign to Counter Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

Today, Americans United for Life, the nation’s first national pro-life organization, launches its “Back to the Hill” campaign to educate lawmakers and Americans on the current health care proposals’ threats to the lives of the elderly, ill, and unborn.

AUL has sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi to protest recent disinformation on her Congressional websiteabout abortion in health care. AUL is also meeting with the White House later this month to discuss the problem of taxpayer-funded abortion in the proposed health care reform.

Americans United for Life will be paying close attention to President Obama’s address this evening before a joint session of Congress. President Obama has stated that claims that abortion was in the health care proposals were a “fabrication,” and has claimed that he aims to reduce the “need” for abortions. However, on the campaign trail in 2007, Obama assured a Planned Parenthood Action Fund conference that abortion would be “at the center and the heart” of his health care reform, and the current health care proposals reflect that priority. AUL’s legal team has detailed the elements in the proposals that would mandate taxpayer-funded abortion coverage.

Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President & CEO of AUL, said, “Tonight, President Obama needs to address the abortion mandate in the health care reform proposals currently before Congress. History has shown that where abortion is not explicitly excluded, courts will interpret legislative language to mandate it.”

William Saunders, AUL Sr. Vice President of Legal Affairs, added, “An explicit and permanent prohibition on abortion coverage and funding is essential to prevent Congress, or an activist court, from mandating coverage and taxpayer funding of all elective abortions under the guise of health care.”