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Tribute to Guy Condon

In the January 17, 2009 (Roe v. Wade) edition of World magazine, Marvin Olasky pays tribute to former AUL President Guy Condon. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Condon spearheaded efforts within the pro-life movement to correct the public’s perception of the movement and to focus public attention on the damage the abortion inflicts on both the mother and the child.

Condon’s efforts have yielded tremendous results — as Olasky points out — such as:

  • Fifty-one percent (51%) of Americans now tell pollsters that abortion is morally wrong — that’s a significant improvement from 20 years ago;
  • The number of abortions performed each year has declined from over 1.6 million 20 years ago to 1.2 million or less now — a lower annual rate than was predicted when Roe was decided;
  • The campaign against partial-birth abortion has helped swing public opinion toward the “conservative side” of the abortion issue — favoring significant limits on the availability of abortion; and
  • A substantial increase in the numbers of pregnancy care centers around the nation, offering women real alternatives to abortion. Twenty years ago, there were about 300 such centers. Today, there are over 1,100.

The pro-life movement should be proud of its accomplishments over the past 20 years, but much remains to be done and we — relying on the legacy of Guy Condon and others like him — are up to the task and challenges ahead.