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Kansas Supreme Court Rejects Former AG Paul Morrison’s Letter Clearing Planned Parenthood

In an unexpected move by the Kansas Supreme Court today, several formerly-sealed documents in the cases involving Planned Parenthood and Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline were unsealed.  Importantly, that Court rejected Former Attorney General Paul Morrison’s letter clearing Planned Parenthood of any wrong-doing.  In fact, the unsealed documents prove that Morrison tried to return evidence back to Planned Parenthood—an entity that gave him campaign money to have him hide evidence of its criminal activity.

Significantly, all judges that have reviewed the evidence against the local Planned Parenthood affiliate have found probable cause that crimes have been committed.

Phill Kline has now been given proper clearance to be in possession of those redacted records.  He has and will continue to protect the identity of women who had abortions.  All patient records have been redacted, and there is no privacy concern that the women who had abortions will ever be indentified. 

While a victory for Kline and the pro-life community, these redacted records now need to receive proper review in a court of law.  Once that review occurs, the true nature of Planned Parenthood will come to light.