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NY Parental Rights Group Releases TV Commercial against the NY FOCA

New Yorkers for Parental Rights (NYPR) (http://www.nyfpr.com/) have been spearheading the efforts in opposition to ex-Governor Spitzer’s radical abortion bill, “The Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act” (RHAPP), also known as the NY “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA). The group has posted anti-RHAPP billboards on 14 major roadways around the State of NY, and released a 30-second commercial and a 4-minute educational video opposing the bill. Both the commercial and educational video can be viewed on www.abortionbill.org.

The RHAPP would wipe out all safety and health abortion regulations, and authorize non-physicians to perform abortions. The bill would violate parental rights by allowing abortion providers to perform abortions on minors without parental notification. The bill would also force Catholic physicians and other healthcare professionals to lose their licenses if they refuse to participate in abortions, even if they refuse on moral or religious grounds.

Dr. Alveda King (http://www.priestsforlife.org/africanamerican/index.htm), niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and founder of King for America has come out in support of NYPR’s efforts against the abortion bill, stating:
“We require parental notification and permission for minors for everything from ear piercing to dental work, and in most legal proceedings; yet abortion, a dangerous and devastating procedure, too often remains in a category apart, protected from parents who will often have to pay for the damages and consequences their children suffer through abortion.”