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AUL Applauds Defeat of Maryland Anti-CPC Legislation

Americans United for Life applauds the defeat of Maryland House Bill 690 and Senate Bill 1146, virulent and baseless attacks on pregnancy resource centers instigated by the local chapter of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

AUL worked alongside officials at Care Net, a leading trade group of pregnancy centers, and a coalition of centers, former clients, medical professionals, and others to help defeat the measures. AUL provided expert advice and counsel that was used to develop legislative testimony discrediting the biased and inaccurate information being offered by abortion advocates in support of the bills.

Abortion advocates had argued that pregnancy centers were providing women with misleading information on the health risks of abortion and should, therefore, be required to affirmatively state that they were “not required to give medically accurate information.” Centers would have been required to give this disclaimer in initial meetings with all potential clients.

In March, the bills received hearings in the Senate Finance and the House Health and Government Operations committees, but never received committee votes before the legislative session adjourned this week.

Maryland is just the latest in a small number of states that have considered measures seeking to undercut the mission and effectiveness of pregnancy centers. Other states to recently consider similar measures are New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, and West Virginia.

Clearly, there is no better indicator of the positive impact that pregnancy resource centers are having by supporting women emotionally and financially, by protecting women from the adverse health consequences of abortion, and by helping to reduce the number of abortions performed each year than the vitriol directed toward these centers by pro-abortion advocacy groups and their allies. However, even they, in their zeal to promote abortion-on-demand, cannot ignore the very real, positive, and increasingly powerful impact pregnancy resource centers are having on women and on public opinion about abortion.

For more information about the work of pregnancy resource centers, see Pregnancy Resource Centers: On the Frontline in the Cause for Life

For information about the Maryland legislation, go to http://www.lifenews.com/state3102.html.