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Nebraska Joins Handful of States that Prohibit State Funding of Human Cloning

On Tuesday, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman signed into law LB 606, which prohibits the state funding of human cloning for any purpose. 

Significantly, this bill prohibits the funding of both cloning-to-produce-children, as well as cloning-for-biomedical-research.  Unfortunately, many states ban and/or prohibit funding only for cloning-to-produce-children, meaning that researchers can utilize cloning and create embryos without limit, as long as they kill the embryos and do not allow them to mature.

LB 606 has been seen as a compromise by both sides of the issue.  Human cloning for any purpose is still allowed in Nebraska, but the State will not fund it.

Nebraska joins a handful of other states that restrict funding of human cloning and/or destructive embryo research, including Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, and Virginia.  Obviously, the low number of states prohibiting such funding highlights the need for more high profile funding restrictions in other states.