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AUL Attorney Testifies in Missouri

On Tuesday, February 19, the Missouri House Committee on Healthcare Policy considered HB 1831, a bill enhancing Missouri’s informed consent before abortion statute. In addition to requiring that women be informed of the medical risks of abortion, HB 1831 also requires that Mailee R. Smith, Esq.women receive information on the availability of ultrasound, as well as information on fetal pain.

Mailee R. Smith, Staff Counsel at AUL, was the lead witness on behalf of the constitutionality of the bill. Smith outlined that the provisions in HB 1831 have all been explicitly upheld by the United States Supreme Court. AUL’s message was strong: HB 1831 is simply Supreme Court precedent in legislative form. You can read the full testimony at http://www.aul.org/MO_HB_1831

The Senate Judiciary Committee is considering an identical bill. AUL has presented written testimony to that committee as well.

It appears likely that HB 1831 will move out of both committees largely in tact — making women one step closer to more adequate protection in the State of Missouri.