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Former Attorney General Phill Kline “Vindicated” by Sitting Kansas Judge

In 2007, Johnson County District Attorney (and former Kansas Attorney General) Phill Kline filed 107 charges against Planned Parenthood, alleging, among other things, that Planned Parenthood has continually skirted the state’s late-term abortion ban. Thereafter, the already often-targeted former AG was met with a firestorm of criticism.

These 107 counts were filed after current Attorney General Paul Morrison (looking at the same files) concluded that Planned Parenthood had done no wrong.

The tables began turning, however, in late 2007, when current AG Morrison was forced to step down from his position due to not only an affair with a woman in the Johnson County district attorney’s office, but also in light of allegations that he had used his power as attorney general to attempt to influence Phill Kline’s investigation of Planned Parenthood.

Then on Wednesday, Shawnee County District Judge Richard Anderson entered the picture.

In one of the many ongoing hearings in Kansas state courts, Judge Anderson was called as a witness—and vindicated Phill Kline.

Judge Anderson testified that there are problems with the authenticity of Planned Parenthood’s files. The Judge indicated that there was no way that Morrison could have ignored the violations contained in those records.

The Judge went on record stating that Morrison’s handling of Planned Parenthood was totally wrong.

This should come as a boost to Phill Kline and his ongoing battle to bring Planned Parenthood to justice. And it should come as a warning to Planned Parenthood affiliates in other states: when you break the law, you will be called to account.