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AUL in NRO: Amending the Approach

National Review Online today published an article by AUL President Clarke Forsythe and AUL Vice President & Legal Director Denise Burke on state human life amendments (HLAs).

Pro-life activists in a few states are now exploring the merits of amending their state constitution by ballot initiative with a state “human life amendment.” In considering the prudence of a state human life amendment (HLA), organizational leaders and activists should ask a number of questions about the meaning, potential impact, implications, and costs of state amendments and the ballot initiative process.

The overarching question, however, is prudential — connecting means to ends: What is the goal of a state human life amendment and, given the resources involved, is it an effective means to achieve that goal? Answering this overarching question requires prudent analysis and a realistic view of the current legal, political, and social environments in the state.

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