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AUL Co-Sponsoring Bioethics Conference

Extending LifeExtending Life: Setting the Agenda for the Ethics of Aging, Death, and Immortality – A Conference, Institutes, and Seminars on bioethics

Institutes – March 3-6, 2008
Conference – March 6-8, 2008


  • Plenary Speakers
  • Informal Networking
  • Public Debate
  • Special Keynote Dinner

The conference will equip participants to:

  • Understand the clinical and social experience of aging, especially in the American context.
  • Anticipate developments in the near future of healthcare, science, biotechnology, medical law, and the impact on an aging population.
  • Appreciate the medical, social, and cultural context in which death is experienced.
  • Prepare to address the current and future ethical challenges of aging and the quest for immortality.
  • Identify the assumptions behind various strategies for immortality, including transhumanism.
  • Learn ways that palliative care, hospice, and other modalities can reframe the crises associated with the experience of dying.
  • Gain an awareness of national, state, and international developments in the legal status of assisted suicide and euthanasia.
  • Develop effective strategies for engaging facing the ethical, legal, and social implications of aging and the pursuit of immortality.

Information and registration: http://www.cbhd.org/conferences/2008/phoenix/index.html