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AUL Signs Letter to Congress RE: Planned Parenthood

AUL joined 59 other pro-life organizations in sending a letter to all members of congress yesterday, with the following request:

In light of recent revelations of Planned Parenthood’s alleged systematic violation of state laws in Kansas, the undersigned organizations request the immediate suspension of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding until it can be determined whether the organization violated state and/or federal laws.

You can read the full text of the letter, with all of the signatures here (PDF).

Also, Robert Novak’s column today, “A New Front in the Abortion Wars,” covers the letter.

While the Democratic-controlled Congress surely will not defund Planned Parenthood, it will be pressed to fulfill its oversight responsibility with hearings. Yesterday the socially conservative Family Research Council called for a Justice Department investigation. And Republican presidential candidates — who proceed gingerly on abortion — will be called on to fight in this war.