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Washington Briefing Wrap Up

We had a great time at FRC’s Washington Briefing, and I just can’t thank Joe Carter, Jared Bridges, Charmaine Yoest and everyone else at FRC who worked so hard to make the New Media Row such a success. So many bloggers, podcasters, and video podcasters showed up that they had to bring out more tables to hold them all.

Below is a mostly complete list of bloggers who covered the event (from FRC’s Blog). I’m sure there were others blogging from the conference, and a few who, like me, are blogging about the event now that they’ve returned home.

You’ve probably seen some of the media coverage of the event, and the bloggers listed above provide additional coverage. If you’d like to see any or all of the talks first-hand, The American Family Association has all of the video on their website for a suggested donation of $9.95.