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Laws Restricting Abortion Are a Necessary But Not Sufficient Condition To Ending Abortion In America

Gary Bauer of American Values and the Campaign for Working Families writes in National Review about both the importance and success of the incremental approach to ending abortion:

Abortion opponents’ emphasis on informed-consent laws underscores a fresh strategy that’s emerged after decades of thwarted attempts to place even the slightest restrictions on abortion (and though it was helpful in other ways, even the federal partial-birth-abortion ban, twelve years in the making, won’t prohibit a single abortion). It’s a strategy that recognizes that laws restricting abortion are a necessary but not sufficient condition to ending abortion in America.

Most of all, it’s a strategy that allows pro-lifers to talk about abortion in a more complete way: not only in terms of the unborn child’s right to life, but also in terms of a woman’s right to full information. So while abortion supporters speak of protecting and expanding women’s right to choose, pro-lifers — seizing the liberal mantle of science and free inquiry — now focus on informing women exactly what it is they are choosing.